Area Road Becomes World War II Memorial Highway

Article by Todd Pittenger
from © KSAL News

An area highway is being named to honor World War II veterans.
According to the Kansas Department of Transportation, the 2008 legislature in cooperation with the Governor established a portion of US-24 as the World War II Memorial Highway.
The memorial highway begins at the US-24/US-77 junction north of Junction City and proceeds west to US-83 in Thomas County. Through the initiative of Representatives Elaine Bowers and Vern Swanson the establishment of signs recognizing the memorial highway is becoming a reality in north central Kansas.
The first of two signs will be placed at a dedication ceremony on US-24 at the west city limit of Clay Center at 11:00 in the morning on Thursday. The second sign will be placed near the interchange of US-24 and US-81 at a date and time to be determined.
KDOT created and will place the signing commemorating those who served of country during the Second World War.