TOPEKA – Representative Elaine Bowers (R-Concordia) today commented on her 100% voting record during the 2009 Legislative Session. The accomplishment marks the third consecutive year of both perfect attendance and voting records for Rep. Bowers.

“I’ve always worked hard to maintain a diligent voting record,” she said. “That means casting some very difficult votes—but I was elected to represent our families and communities and that’s part of it.”

The House recorded over 300 votes on bills, amendments and resolutions during the session. This year the session was highlighted by challenging debates on the state’s budget shortfalls and the funding cuts resulting from a stagnant economy.

“There are so many unknowns heading into a year like this, but my personal commitment to the process is the one factor I can always control,” she said. “I come from a hard-working district that expects dependability. This is simply a reflection of that expectation.”

Rep. Bowers was first elected in 2006, and serves on the committees for Commerce and Labor, Agriculture and Natural Resources, as well as Federal and State Affairs. She represents the 107th district, which includes Cloud, Lincoln, Ottawa and part of Dickinson Counties.