Speaker Congratulates Rep. Bowers on Perfect Voting & Attendance Record

June 18, 2008

Topeka - Kansas Speaker of the House of Representatives Melvin Neufeld (R-Ingalls) congratulated Representative Elaine Bowers (R-Concordia) today on her 100% voting and attendance records during the 2007-2008 Legislative Term.

“During her first two years in office, Rep. Bowers never missed a day of work and voted every time House members were called to do so. Not many legislators can point to such an accomplishment. This shows not only her dedication to represent her district well but also her commitment to always be on the job for her constituents and to never shy away from the tough votes,” Speaker Neufeld said.

During the two year term, the House recorded nearly 900 votes on bills, amendments, motions to concur, conference committee reports and resolutions.

Rep. Bowers represents the 107th District which includes Cloud, Lincoln, Ottawa and part of Dickinson Counties.

She serves on the House Taxation; Federal and State Affairs and Agriculture and Natural Resources Committees and is a past member of the 2007 Assessment and Taxation Interim Committee.