New Deer Crossing Signs

April 30, 2008:

Cloud county residents may notice two new signs that were erected in the past few weeks by the Kansas Department of Transportation. Deer crossing signs have been installed at the junction of US 81 and 24 highways and on east highway 9 outside of Concordia.
Brian Marks, Kansas Department of Wildlife Natural Resource Officer, contacted Kansas Representative Elaine Bowers about placement of signs in the county. The most needed locations where the public needed to be warned of high deer movement were selected and submitted to the state. During the two years of meetings, KDOT District Engineer, Leland Tice, worked with Marks and signs were scheduled to be put up in the spring.
Public safety is a top priority to the state of Kansas and the Department of Transportation Bureau of Traffic Safety. The Bureau influences human behavior by identifying problems and implementing effective educational and enforcement programs focusing on prevention. Deer crossing signs such as these two new sets placed in strategic locations with the help of local officials is the type of cooperation between local government and the state that benefits all Kansas residents.