Pages (2008)

↑ Rep. Elaine Bowers and son Caleb Bowers, who was a page on March 18, 2008

Pages Brooke Campbell and Veronica Campbell, of Minneapolis, with Rep. Elaine Bowers and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius on March 11, 2008 ↑

March 11, 2008: Pages Monica Cairns and Alyssa Champlin, of Concordia (left); Rep. Elaine Bowers and Governor Kathleen Sebelius (center); and Pages Lindsey Widen and Tesla Madsen of Tescott (right). ↑

Pages Chandler Lamm and Connor Lamm of Concordia with Governor Sebelius and Representative Elaine Bowers on February 27, 2008. ↑

February 27, 2008: Pages Alissa Kearn and Logan Whitney, of Concordia, with Governor Sebelius and Rep. Elaine Bowers. ↑

Jake and Anna Morrissette of Concordia served as pages for Rep. Elaine Bowers in the Kansas Legislature on Kansas Day, January 29, 2008. ↑