Legislative Tour Enhances Understanding

KLA hosted a livestock industry tour for legislators in the Flint Hills area. The purpose was to help state senators and representatives better understand issues facing livestock producers. During the series of host stops, KLA members explained how labor shortages, marketing restrictions, environmental regulations, taxes and transportation affect their businesses.
Legislators saw industry sectors ranging from conception to processing. The group toured Mill Brae Ranch near Maple Hill, Palenske Ranch Feedyard of Strong City and the Tyson beef processing plant at Emporia.
One of the members addressing the group at Mill Brae was Dan Imthurn of Maple Hill. The third-generation beef producer explained how he performs 80% or more of the labor on the Imthurn family ranch. He said there is a misconception about the definition of a "small family operation." Imthurn considers himself in that category, despite running hundreds of cattle on several thousand acres.
"Through better technology and advanced management techniques, I can do what it took four or five people to do when my grandfather started the ranch," said Imthurn.