Representative Bowers Receives 100% Rating from Kansas Taxpayers Network

October 30, 2007:

Topeka- Representative Elaine Bowers (R-Concordia) recently received a 100% rating from the Kansas Taxpayers Network for the 2007 legislative session. Upon her election in 2006, Representative Bowers promised her constituents she would be a voice for fiscal responsibility and limited government in Topeka.

“I am very happy to have received a 100% rating from the Kansas Taxpayers Network. I believe it is my duty as an elected representative to be a careful steward of tax dollars and to make sure government works effectively,” Representative Elaine Bowers said. “As a member of the House Taxation Committee I advocated and worked on reducing the tax burden on everyday Kansans by $300 million for the next five years, and I look forward to this upcoming session so I can lessen the tax burden
on Kansans even more.”

Karl Peterjohn, Executive Director of the Kansas Taxpayers Network was pleased with the voting record that Representative Bowers accumulated.

“Representative Elaine Bowers scored 100 percent on Kansas Taxpayers Network's 2007 scorecard and provided a much needed voice for fiscal responsibility and accountability at the statehouse."

The Kansas Taxpayers Network represents Kansas taxpayers at the state and local level by advocating limited taxes and government spending to create a free market environment.

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