Topeka's Mt. Everest

Counting climbers has become a routine chore for Kansas State Historical Society tour guides as they monitor the success of their dome expeditions in the Kansas Statehouse.
Some 50,000 visitors have reached the dome's summit since it was reopened early in 2006. Before that, the stairways were closed to the public for 30 years. "This is an amazing feat considering that the balcony at the very top only accommodates about 30 visitors at a time," said Capitol tour coordinator Andrea Burton. "We sometimes refer to it as the Mt. Everest of Topeka."
The building is the tallest in town. It is the nations third tallest domed capitol. And it takes 296 steps to reach open air at the top for a gander at surrounding landscapes.
To get there, visitors hike through an enclosed stairway, three rotunda levels, a catwalk stairway and finally a spiral staircase to the balcony.
Tours are available six days a week. For details call (785)296-3866 or visit the historical society's web site at

Inside the capital:

The Kansas House of Representatives is made up of 125 members who are elected for two-year terms. The Kansas Constitution requires state legislators to meet every year for 90 days, beginning the second Monday in January.

Currently the Kansas House of Representatives consist of 78 Republicans and 47 Democrats - making the House Republican Caucus the majority party.

The goal of Kansas House Republicans is to pass good public policy that encourages economic growth across the state and make Kansas a safer place to live.

The Newly remodeled House:

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