Bill to Safe Guard Kansas

March 1, 2007

Representative Bowers Carries Bill that Reduces Threat of Terrorism, Helps Safeguard Farm Chemical Vendors

Topeka- Representative Elaine Bowers (R-Concordia) was pleased to carry House Bill 2487 before a full session of the Kansas House of Representatives last week.

This measure requires retailers of ammonium nitrate to register with the Secretary of Agriculture, provide security from unauthorized access, and would require ammonium nitrate dealers to obtain information regarding any sale of the chemical.

“This bill is designed to crack down on people who want to use ammonium nitrate for terrorist purposes,” explained Rep. Bowers. “I am committed to making sure that Kansans engaged in agribusiness and agriculture are able to use and sell necessary chemicals safe from individuals who wish to harm our state.”

Representative Bowers also commented that this is a preemptive measure, “Reducing the access of a chemical used to build fertilizer bombs helps prevent individuals similar to Timothy McVeigh from hurting our state.”

House Bill 2487 passed the House of Representatives unanimously and now moves to the Senate for its approval.